I6S20A / I6S+28A 2800mah/2000mah battery

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1.Specific design for protection against fall, ensure your cellphone

screen not being broken even if your cellphone is thrown down from

5 meters high and from any angle.

2.Specific design using the soft TPU materials, it is easy to load and

dismount the battery case to and from your cellphone.

3.Specific side frame and back anti slip design, let you unworriedly hold

it in hand and put it on a smooth surface.

4.Specific Micro USB turn lighting plug design, it is shorter than the

conditional battery case. It don’t affect the normal earphone using and

don’t affect the volume of the cellphone’s volume hole. In the same time,

if the plug is damaged. You just buy a new plug in low cost. Thus you can

avoid to scrap the whole battery case.

5.Specific the paint process, avoid lose color from the surface even you sue

it for long time. Scratch resistant and fingerprint-proof.


Model:I6S20A / I6S+28A

BatteryType:Polymer Lithiu Battery


Input Port: Micro USB

Output Port:Iphone Lighting

Input Voltage:DC 5V

Output Voltage:DC 5V

Input Current:1000mAh

Volume: H1.8xW7.2xL14.2cm / H1.8xW8.5xL16.2cm

Weight:90g / 119g